Shop Assistant

Shop Assistant

Location – Johannesburg, Gauteng

Work Type – contract

Expected set of responsibilities

  • Make an inviting, moving, and customized insight for all clients
  • Drive deals and turnover by propelling and moving the colleagues to accomplish deals targets
  • Guarantee visual promoting norms make a lovely store insight
  • Keep a perfect, slick, and clean and completely recharged deals floor
  • Guarantee stock levels, stock misfortunes and shrinkage are really made due
  • Guarantee all items are accurately evaluated with important Cost stickers and/or signage
  • Guarantee that stock take, and cycle count change reports are checked, differences are explored, and stock deficiencies or unequal stock data is heightened to the Area Administrator
  • Guarantee that retail location and banking methodology are stuck to and raise any areas of worry with the Area Administrator
  • Guarantee all store guidelines and activities strategies and methods are complied with
  • Successful execution of all functional exercises inside the store


Minimum Requirements

  • A matric, grade 12 or identical testament
  • An enthusiasm for beauty care products, retail, and client support
  • Information on excellence and skincare items
  • Solid client assistance direction
  • A solid hard working attitude and involved demeanor
  • Capacity to work an adaptable timetable to address functional issues
  • Essential capability with email and Succeed
  • Great relational abilities
  • Capacity to stay cool and lovely in compressed circumstances
  • Capacity to represent extensive stretches of time
  • Capacity to exhibit and advance items
  • Capacity to make a buzz in your store that will spur your group and urge clients to return and buy more

Closing date – 13 February 2024

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